Want Another Option for Covering the Cost of CDL School? Here’s how an Income Share Agreement works.

by | Aug 4, 2021 | News, Truck Driving School

CDL of AL is thrilled to now offer a flexible student loan option, also known as an Income Share Agreement, to students looking for alternate ways to pay for CDL School.

The Income Share Agreement is the perfect, flexible alternative to student loans. How this works is instead of borrowing money, you commit to pay a fixed percentage of future income for a period of time. This payment will always be affordable and will adjust according to your income at the time.

“We are so excited to be able to start offering a new flexible student loan option that will give more students the ability to afford CDL school and earn their commercial drivers license,” says Chase Pate, Owner of CDL of AL. “While government grants are not always available, we found it essential to find other opportunities for potential students to gain financial support they need to make this life-changing career move.”

The Details on the Income Share Agreement through Mia Share

Income Share Agreements (ISA) allow for the student to only have to pay when they have an income. The payments are always fluctuating as your income changes which allows flexibility year around. 

Unlike some other options that are available, with ISA there is no application or hidden fees. Students also will not have any payments to make while they are taking the course because they are not making an income. Follow your dreams and buy into CDL of AL the way we buy into their students. 

We believe the option of paying for CDL school through an ISA gives each student the freedom and opportunity that they deserve. It also boosts your confidence and allows you to work the way that you have always wanted to. 

Apply for the Flexible Student Loan Option Today

Applying for the flexible student loan option will result in a credit check. Don’t let this scare you because there is no obligation even if you apply. On our website there is a calculator to allow each student to see how an ISA works. This allows you to see what you would be paying and what you might be making and puts it into the real world so you know exactly what you are getting. 

CDL of AL believes that everyone deserves a chance to take charge of their career path. ISA allows everyone, no matter what their situation, to have the chance to take the CDL of AL course. There is no better time than now to sign up and use the new ISA option that is personalized to you.

Don’t wait! Apply for your flexible student loan now! You have nothing to lose!