DEPTHS Program

CDL of AL is excited to announce our partnership with Genesis Church of Gulf Shores and the launch of the new DEPTHS Program. Under this new initiative, CDL of AL will accept one student each month to attend the full training course with their entire tuition covered under the DEPTHS Scholarship. 

Not only is the focus of this program to provide first-class CDL training but to further develop the person as a whole, both personally and professionally. 

CDL of AL partnered with a local church, Genesis Church in Gulf Shores, to assist in the success of each DEPTHS student. Genesis Church’s impact in the local community, along with their motto and mission, “Everyone’s Welcome. Nobody’s Perfect. Anything’s Possible,” makes them the perfect partner. 

The Mission of the DEPTHS Program

The goal of the new DEPTHS Program is to ultimately have a positive impact on the community by training and mentoring students in their professional and personal life.  

While the course will provide excellent CDL skills training, it also strives to instill talents in the student enabling them to become successful in all facets of life. CDL of AL wants each student to leave the program with all of the skills, mindset, and confidence needed to take on the professional world.

CDL of AL has enlisted a board of professional leaders who are available to offer mentoring and accountability as the student progresses through the program and graduates, entering the commercial driving world. These professional leaders are successful in their industries and will be there for the student every step of the way.

What does DEPTHS stand for? 

DEPTHS is an acronym for Develop, Educate, Pursue, Track, Hire and Support. Each letter stands for a part of the training the student will undergo. 

  • Develop – focuses on developing character, heart, and the employability of the student. 
  • Educate – teaches professionalism, finances, the law of the road, and beyond. 
  • Pursue – explores the career options and available industries.
  • Track – discusses goals, challenges, and growth. 
  • Hire – works with employers and focuses on stability and viability. 
  • Support – mentors the student and focuses on accountability, as well as making and keeping connections. 

Who should apply to the DEPTHS Program?

DEPTHS is a great opportunity for Baldwin and Mobile residents who can’t afford CDL training on their own and want to venture into a new career in the trucking industry. Students should be committed individuals who want to change their life for the better. 

Each month, a handful of qualified applicants will go through an interview process before one is selected for the DEPTHS Program. 

What if you’re not selected for the DEPTHS Program?

Even if an applicant isn’t selected for the new program, CDL of AL can still help you find ways to cover your training so you don’t pay out of pocket. This may be through sponsorships, grants, or another option. 

If you or someone you know sounds like the perfect fit for our DEPTHS Program, apply on our website now!

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CDL of AL can help you take advantage of WIOA funding, as well as a new grant specifically for those who've lost their job due to COVID-19.


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