How Much Does CDL Training Cost?

Your Options for Paying for CDL School with Little to Nothing Out-of-Pocket


“How much does CDL school cost?” is often the first question on everyone’s mind, and the answer will depend on how you go about getting your commercial drivers’ license.

If you plan to attend a driver training school like CDL of AL, you’ll be happy to learn that many of our students don’t pay anything out of pocket.

When you choose to become a student at CDL of AL, you are given a few options of how to pay for your training. Many of our students come through carrier program, others utilize federal funds such as the WIOA grant, and some take advantage our our Flexible Loan Sharing option. And of course, we do have some pay out of pocket simply because it’s the quickest way to get started.

We do our very best to accommodate any budget and help as many drivers get on the road as possible. It’s our passion helping you get on the road to success. 

The Most Popular Options for Paying for CDL School

Flexible Student Loan

CDL of AL wants to invest in your future, and that’s why we offer a flexible student loan option called an Income Share Agreement. With this type of loan, you only repay when you have a stream of income with your payments based on your income at that time. This way, repaying the loan is always affordable, regardless of ups and downs in income.

Federal Grant

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is legislation that aims to help Americans get on the path to a successful career. Through this legislation, WIOA grants are available to help fund job training and education for eligible candidates. Please note, these grants are only available when funding is available. There are also other grants specifically for those who’ve lost their job due to COVID-19. 

Carrier Program

A large potion of our students come through a carrier program. This means they’ve secured a position with a carrier on the contingency that they finish CDL school and earn their commercial driver’s license. With this type of program, students enjoy company-paid CDL training, and we love it when our students have jobs lined up so they can begin their new career and start making money as soon as they graduate.

To qualify for a carrier program, most carriers require a clean driving and criminal record, the ability to pass a physical and a drug test, and a commitment to remain employed with the carrier for at least.

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