Understanding Hazard Perception Test: Everything You Should Know in Heavy Goods Truck Driving School

by | Oct 9, 2020 | News, Truck Driving School

Truck Driving School

Despite all of the preparation you received behind the wheel and in your Mobile, AL driving classes, you must pass an exam to become a licensed professional driver. You will need to be confident, calm and focused to succeed. Truck driver training provides you with the support and training you will need. You will learn the complete process necessary to drive a truck, pass your exam and begin working.

Two Primary Tests

To receive your license after completing trucking school, you must pass two primary tests. The first is theory-based, the second involves practical skills. The theory exam consists of two parts you must pass before beginning your training for practical skills. As a truck driver school student, you can schedule the theory-based test at any time. You can split the sessions or take them together. Our recommendation is taking both sessions together including:

Multiple Choice

The first part includes 100 multiple-choice questions. You must demonstrate the general knowledge you learned in truck driving school for driving practices and general highway safety.

Hazard Perception

The second portion is hazard perception. You will watch 19 videos while looking for 20 potential hazards. You will be given 20 questions regarding the information contained in the videos. In Mobile, AL, a score of 85 percent is required to pass the first part. You must achieve a score of 67 percent to pass the second. You are unable to proceed with practical skills training until you pass both parts.

Although you can take both parts as many times as you need to pass, if you focus on your truck driver training you have a good chance of passing the first time. Once your trucking school training is complete, you must pass a two-part exam. You will take both parts at an authorized testing facility during one session including:

Driving Skills

You are required to drive a truck under tester supervision. You will receive specific instructions from your tester to determine your driving skills including braking, cornering and backing.

Practical Demonstration

To pass your practical demonstration, you must show you understand the legal requirements for regulatory compliance and safety. The five modules encompassed are vehicle loading, illegal immigrant trafficking, walk-around safety checks, cargo securement and emergency situation assessment. Completing your exam may require as many as two hours.

If you receive a citation for any serious faults or more than the maximum of 15 minor faults allowed, you will not pass your test. Everything on this exam is covered during your driving classes. You will then be given 100 questions. You must answer 80 correctly.

The Keys to Success

In order to pass your theory exam, you must know the information you learned during truck driver training. The practical demonstration portion requires even more knowledge. You will be taught all of the information you need to pass during your truck driving school. The approach used will enable you to remember the information you are taught. Everything will be fresh in your mind when you take your exam.

During your driving classes, you will learn how to use the information you have been taught. You will be using this information while driving as opposed to simply reading from a book or manual. Reading about something is very different than performing the actions required. You will develop your skills before you take your final exam. You will be practicing for all exam phases before your actual testing.

You will be provided with high-quality software enabling you to answer a lot of practice questions to prepare you for the theory-based test. You can also use the free resources available online to answer hundreds more questions to make certain you are prepared. During your training for practical skills, you will receive encouragement to practice while driving.

The more time you spend practicing behind the wheel, the more your skills will improve. If you are confident in what you have learned in trucking school, there is a good chance you will pass your exam on your first attempt. For this reason, you will receive encouragement when you are performing well. In all areas where you appear weak, you will receive additional training and instruction.

You will have the confidence necessary to pass before you take your final practical exam in addition to the knowledge required for success. You will be taught how to remain collected, calm and cool during your training process to eliminate fear and anxiety. When your mind is relaxed, you will have the ability to make rational and clear decisions during your testing sessions.