Top Reasons to Think Twice Before Choosing the Cheapest CDL School

by | Aug 24, 2021 | News, Truck Driving School

The trucking industry is a vital portion of our nation’s economy, including moving more than 70% of all freight in the country. Truck drivers are always in demand, and salaries and benefits tend to be attractive as a result. 

Though many of those considering CDL school begin their search by looking for the “cheapest” CDL school in their area, they’re usually surprised to learn that they can go to a highly reputable school without paying much, if anything, out of pocket. 

If you take anything from this article, let it be that attending the “cheapest” CDL school isn’t necessary. 

A successful career as a truck driver begins with a quality education to obtain a commercial driver’s license. You want educators and trainers who genuinely want you to succeed. 

Here’s Exactly Why You Don’t Need to Attend the Cheapest CDL School Near You

Believe it or not, paying for CDL school out of pocket it’s very common. In reality, most students don’t pay much, if any, up front cost. 

There are multiple ways to attend CDL school without breaking the bank, and that’s exactly why you should choose your CDL school based on their ability to prepare you for your new career and help you be successful going forward. Not based on the amount of money they charge to attend. 

Student Loan Options – Pay Over Time

Did you know that some CDL schools offer a flexible student loan option, also called an income share agreement? An income share agreement is a flexible alternative to a traditional student loan where you only make payments when you have a job. 

Rather than borrowing money, you commit to pay a set percentage of your income over time. Payments will adjust as your income grows and will always stay affordable. You can use this calculator tool to determine the total payments you would make.

Carrier Programs: Free School Plus Secured Job Placement

Another option in paying for CDL school is through a carrier program. This is a popular option for many students. 

This means that the student has secured job placement with a carrier on the contingency that they finish CDL school and obtain a license. With this type of arrangement, students can enjoy a company-paid education, knowing they have employment lined up after graduation. 

Federal Grants for Those Who Qualify

While government grants aren’t available year-round, when funding is available, many students are able to take advantage of these grants. 

By helping to fund job training and education for eligible candidates, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is legislation aimed at helping Americans get onto a new career path and be successful. Under this grant program, students don’t pay a dime for their education.

Scholarship Programs: Let Your School Invest in You

Some schools believe so much in their students and want them to succeed that they set up programs to award those who have serious motivation and determination.

For example, CDL of AL, offers their “DEPTHS Program.” Under this specific program, CDL of AL accepts one student each month to attend the full training course with their entire tuition covered under the DEPTHS Scholarship.

Still think you need to find the cheapest CDL school near you? 

Sometimes in life, going the cheapest route can end up costing you more in the long run. When you choose a quality education to obtain your CDL license, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success. 

Finding a CDL School That Checks All of Your Boxes 

When you’re looking for a CDL school to advance your career, look no further than CDL of AL.

There are so many benefits of attending a reputable school that cares about its students.

  • The course offered at CDL of ALis the FMCSR 380.503 Entry Level Driver course. This full four-week course includes theory training, skills training and skills testing. 
  • You’ll be trained on a manual transmission so you won’t be restricted by law when you graduate. This also means you’ll have more career opportunities. We also test and train with air brakes, keeping you open to more career options. Some schools use only automatic transmissions which restrict students once they complete the coursework. 
  • As an added bonus, we help our students gain job placement while they’re still in school. You won’t likely find this with most other “value” schools designed to pump out licenses. 
  • Our instructors have years of training and do this because it is a passion- they could make far more money on the road, but genuinely want students to succeed. 
  • Our program is also reputable. Years of student success and qualified instructors combine together to give students the tools for a long-lasting and rewarding career in the trucking industry. This leads to our graduates getting job placement before graduation with top companies across the nation. 

If you have considered a career as a truck driver, you can apply online today!

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