The Different Career Options in Transportation for CDL Drivers

by | Oct 25, 2020 | News

Interested in getting your commercial driver’s license, but discouraged by the thought of long days with weeks or even months on the road? Well, you’ll be interested to learn that there’s more to a CDL than long-haul truck driving.

Having your CDL opens the doors to a wide range of CDL career opportunities both in the trucking industry and beyond.

CDL career opportunities can be over-the -road jobs or regional jobs. Over-the-road jobs and long-haul driving sometimes require drivers to be on the road for weeks. Regional drivers, on the other hand, are responsible for local and semi-local trips, and enjoy a fairly normal work schedule. 

Though some CDL career opportunities require additional education, many do not. Below are several career opportunities open to those with a CDL.

Here’s a Look at Some Class A CDL Job Options

Delivery Driver

With COVID-19 measures still in full swing, an uptick in online purchases has resulted in a higher demand for delivery drivers. The upcoming holiday season is expected to be particularly busy, with an estimated 30% increase in online shopping deliveries. Delivery drivers deliver anything such as your Amazon Prime purchase, to the food your grocery store stocks, livestock, furniture, and everything in-between. A delivery driver makes an estimated salary of $30-$35K, based on location and past CDL experience.

Bus Driver

Bus driving is a job that offers a more routine daily schedule for those with a CDL. With options in city, school, tour and intercity bus driving, you can shape your career based on your interests and preferred clientele. Bus drivers can make anywhere from $20-60K, with many companies offering great benefits.

Highway Maintenance Technician 

Highway maintenance technicians repair and construct highways and may also be responsible for paving, installing signs, removing debris and more. The large vehicles used for paving, dumping and painting usually require a driver with a CDL. This career pays between $20-60K.

Construction Equipment Operator

A CDL is often required to operate heavy machinery at construction sites. Whether you drive them to and from the site or operate them on location, cranes, dump trucks, steam rollers and many more vehicles require an operator with a CDL. Sometimes, a heavy equipment certification is also required. The salary ranges from $40-90K.

CDL Instructor

Prepare future CDL drivers for their career as a truck driver instructor. You can use your knowledge and experience to teach the next generation of drivers how to safely and properly handle their vehicles and make the best of their time on the road. Though many states require a minimum in years of driving experience, the requirement varies by state. Instructors can expect to make anywhere between $20-50k. 


A dispatcher is a great opportunity for someone who no longer wants to drive or is just looking for something different. A dispatcher communicates with truck drivers to relay important travel information and keeps record of what and who is on the road when. The average salary for a dispatcher is $40K. 

Heavy Equipment Hauler

A job that requires more time on the road, but often for shorter periods of time, is a heavy equipment hauler. These drivers are responsible for hauling heavy equipment over 26,000 pounds. Drivers can make up to $40K with this career.

Having your CDL opens the doors to a wide variety of CDL career opportunities, both in the trucking industry and beyond. Your CDL can be a valuable investment in your career, regardless which path you choose to take. 

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